By Olga Sánchez Morales, 2nd ESO C Carlos Alcaraz is a professional Spanish tennis player who won the semifinal against the number one in the world (N. Djokovic) on May 7 and the powerful Rafa Nadal, this is so crazy.Can this information change our number one in the world? Yes, because he is 19 years… Continue reading CARLOS ALCARAZ


Made by: Héctor Abellán Sarabia, Asier Perales Ruiperez,Iker Martinez muñoz andJuan David Largo Saeteros.He played in FC Barcelona because he had a growing problem, so FC Barcelonaoffered him a contract to pay for the operation. Before that he played in Newell’sLionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini was born on the 24th of june in Rosario(Argentina),he is 1.69… Continue reading LIONEL ANDRÉS MESSI: THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE HISTORY.


Wednesday 8th june 2022By: Leyre Pérez Santa, Isabel Muñoz Ramos, Sofía Torres Martínez.Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.We do sports because it is very healthy, it increases strength, increases energy, andcan help reduce stress. Exercise is good for all parts of the body and mainly for themind. The important thing about exercise… Continue reading HEALTHY SPORTS


By: Vicente, Aitor, Alejandro and Óscar. What ‘s downhill?Downhill is a type of cycling, some bikes thatare made for downhill have double suspension,downhill is going down for ramps or paths, youcan go down for ramps of rock, wood or dirt, thistype of cycling is focused to the down. Greg Minnaar was the world champion indownhill… Continue reading DOWNHILL


It is a breed of dog native to North China. They live between 9 to 15 years, the heightof the legs is 48-56 cm and that of the female is 46-51 cm.MAIN HEALTH PROBLEMS OF THIS BREED: The most common health problemsof the Chow Chow are elbow dysplasia and eyelid problems. Like many otherbreeds, they… Continue reading CHOW CHOW

IES Infanta Elena students return to MathTalentUM As you may already know, in 2019 a mathematical contest called MathTalentUM began. For people who don’t know, MathTalentUM is a contest that improves the mathematical skills of students in the Region of Murcia. In 2021, five students from this high school signed up for the contest and… Continue reading