Music in times of covid-19 Nuria González 17/11/2020 Musicians and music lovers are hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, music needs community, but social distancing measures prevent rehearsals and concerts, cutting musicians off from their audience. In many places, musicians are now coming up with creative ways especially through the internet to be… Continue reading NEWSPAPER

One hundred sarcophagi in excellent condition, found in Sakkara.

by María Ángeles Arias, B1ZZ The coffins, which preserve their mummies, have been discovered in the archaeological site near the capital of Egypt. The archaeological site of Sakkara, located southwest of Cairo, has become a veritable vein in recent years for Egyptology, as evidenced by the more than 100 sarcophagi of about 2,300 years old,… Continue reading One hundred sarcophagi in excellent condition, found in Sakkara.


Pedro Sánchez’s government has created a ministry to monitor fake news that are all over the internet. They determinate which information is wrong and which one is not, without giving an explanation on the judgement they use. The order says, through the European Democracy Action Plan, that it will act to increase the electoral trustworthiness… Continue reading MINISTRY OF TRUTH


By Álvaro Gómez López, 1 ESO A Anonymous is a not organized group scattered all over the world (hacktivists), characterized by wearing the mask of v of vendetta. Anonymous became famous in 2014, but on the 1st of June of this year (2020), he returned to do justice to the case of George Floyd. One… Continue reading Anonymous