Love stories

Moving, intense, exciting…

For the second time, students from Infanta Elena and some teachers of the English Department have turned their eyes and their hearts to our elderly people. A passionate group of 4th ESO students have delivered love and friendship messages at Marin Padilla Day Care Center  and the Local Retirement Home.

Here, we have been welcomed eagerly by its manager, D. Constantino Martínez and have been guided through the different workshops that were taking place at the moment, including brain training and bobbing laces.  This St. Valentine’s Day we have witnessed how lively and energetic all they are. The most moving time came just after Dña Antonia Gómez speech, specially dedicated to the young visitors and full of valuable advices for their upcoming years.

Later, we have visited  Miguel Marín Padilla Day Care Centre , managed by  Maria del Carmen Cruz. We have lived very exciting moments here as pictures show. They have decicated a wide smile to our students. The attendants to the arts and crafts workshops had already prepared their own valentines for us.

This experience has been really endearing and our students have admitted that it is worth the time spent on the task behind “Love stories” project.

IES Infanta Elena. English Department.

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