letters from the trenchesENGLISH DEPARTMENT IES INFANTA ELENA 2019

Competition rules 

The English Department proposes this contest of ‘Letters from the trenches’ in order to encourage written creativity, reading and create new spaces for culture in the Cultural Week of the IES Infanta Elena from 8 to 12 April 2019, around to the theme of the First World War. 

  1. Students of IES INFANTA ELENA from 3º ESO to 2º Bachillerato will be able to participate.
  2.  Each submitted work will be written in English, with the following requirements: a) It will be original, unpublished and not submitted to another contest.   b) The works will be written in the epistolary genre, respecting the form of a handwritten letter that must be inside an envelope in the style of the World War I era. The name of the student and group will be written on the inside flap of the envelope. b) It will have a maximum length of one page (A4) on one or both sides.   c) The participant will place his letter in the historical context of the First World War; for example, from the point of view of a soldier, health personnel, family or couples who write to their partner in the front, etc.
  3.  Letters will be inserted in the mail box available next to the caretaker’s.
  4.  Letters will be accepted until March 29, 2019.
  5.  There will be 2 prizes, one for each category:   -1st Category: 2nd cycle (3rd and 4th ESO) -2ª Category: Bachillerato (1st and 2nd)
  6.  The decision of the Jury will be announced to each one of the winners and will be informed of the awards ceremony.
  7.  The jury will be formed by the teachers of the English department. The originality, aesthetics in the presentation, lexical and expressive variety will be valued, as well as the coherence with the proposed theme.  
  8. Prizes: For the winners of the 1st and 2nd category the prize will consist of a gift voucher valued at 30 euros, to be spent at a bookstore, Beep, Digital Leisure or sports shop in our locality.    

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