Storming Area 51

Sandra Tomás, Selena Palao, Javier Gandía and Laura Mira. B1ZZ

It all started as an Internet joke, a meme that ended up having a huge success. But in the end, the event got serious, on September 20  thousands of Americans went to try to storm Area 51 to find out if the military was hiding us from the aliens. And what could go wrong when 3,000 civilians are going to “assault” a US military base? Well, surprisingly not too much.

Indeed, what was not there were aliens, more would be missing. But there was a lot of desire to have a good time on the part of the attendees, geek and freaky themed alien, and even live music. In addition,  drinking in the street was made.

There were also some brave men who did approach the doors of Area 51, but in the end, there were only about seven detainees. Come on, what a little assault. In part, they were lucky, since the military of the enclosure has permission to shoot, that is if a person approaches a few meters from Area 51 they can shoot you, but they didn’t want to intervene so that not to cause disturbances.

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