April versus November results

During 2019, Spanish people have voted twice, in April and November. On the 10th  of November the Spanish citizens have been convened to vote in a new elections, only 7 months after  the last general elections,  in April of this year. In the next graphics we can see the big differences between the results of November versus April, and some information about that.

This is because the changes that the political parties have been doing during the election campaigns, something that has affected to the results in a big impact, giving results that not all people would expect.

As we can see in the infograohics, Ciudadanos take down 57,19% with 10 seats in the congress, this is because Ciudadanos didn’t unblock the political situation.

On the other hand, VOX  have grown up 47,08% with 52 seats and PP 24,67% with 88 seats. Regarding  the low results of Ciudadanos, that means that  most of the people that had voted to Ciudadanos in the previuos elections have changed their mind.

In conclusion, it seems that in the near future we  will have a stabilised government  with PSOE, Unidas Podemos and independent parties or PP with VOX and Ciudadanos, doing agreements with other little political parties.

elections 1elections 3elections 4

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