A youth correspondent at Infanta Elena

By Alicia Urueña Mariscal. 4º ESO A

Day 1: Wednesday 8th January

I just joined the group of youth correspondents at my high school, Infanta Elena. In total we are four youth correspondents: Paulina, Paula, Lucia and I, they are wonderful companions.

We always meet every Wednesday at recess in the multipurpose room.

I remember that on the first day we were so nervous that we didn’t know where to start, but now everything is going smoothly.

Day 2: Thursday 9th January

As a youth correspondent, I am responsible for keeping all youth informed about the activities carried out in Jumilla. I also have to keep in touch with the Department of Youth in Jumilla, and from time to time I have to attend meetings to propose activities for young people.

I am delighted with this experience, I am learning a lot and I love it because I am not only fighting for myself, I am also fighting for all the young people of Jumilla, so that we have more activities…

When I started this activity, I really didn’t want to do it, but now I’m very excited and I’m going to give it my all, just like my companions.

Day 3: Friday 10th January

As a youth correspondent, I have organized many fun activities, together with my colleagues: like the foam party, a race of colours, trips to Madrid …

But for me, one of the most rewarding was: the foam party. The party was for young children, so I took my cousins ​​and I remember that we had a great time. There was a lot of foam, colours… and everything was full of very happy children. From that moment, when I saw the smile of happiness in my cousin, I decided that I didn’t want to stop being a youth correspondent and that Jumilla would have more activities for young people.

In my opinion, being a youth correspondent is a privilege, I feel very lucky and I will give my all.

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