Christmas celebrations: Got Talent 2019

By Paulina Hernández Martínez  4ºA

Week one: Friday 18th December

I spent my last day in high school before the Christmas holidays but it wasn’t as boring as the other days of the year because we did activities that the teachers organized for all students. One of the most famous activities they organize is  “Got Talent.” In this activity, anyone who wants to participate in this activity can, but there is a requirement, show some special skill or ability you have.

There were many people who participated doing amazing things. Also, another of the activities that were carried out was the match between the two local high schools in which they played for a solidarity cause.

Week two: Friday 25th  December

I went with my friend Alicia and first, we had breakfast at the playground. Then we saw “Got Talent” and we were very impressed with the people who participated because they did incredible performances,  like magic tricks, so the experience was wonderful and we had a great time.

Week three: Friday 2th  January

Football was incredible and thanks to the fact that many people attended, we were able to raise money for the 1st Bachillerato students’ summer trip;  but most important of all, they also got a lot of food for the local charity association, Cáritas.

And as for “Got Talent” I think that next year we will introduce ourselves because we have learned that we should not feel embarrassed for anything and I think that Alicia and I can overcome any challenge.

Maybe we’ll participate!

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